Schell-Vista Fire Department

Measure X

Measure X Staffing Goals

  • Measure X will increase the level of service provided by the Schell-Vista Fire Protection District (SVFPD).
  • Measure X will increase staffing from 1 full time employee to 2 full time employees' consisting of 1 captain and 1 engineer. Each will be required to be an EMT and maintain a round the clock presence.
  • Volunteers will add additional staffing through the firefighter stipend program.

Measure X Taxation

  • Measure X will allow the Schell-Vista Fire Protection District to levy taxes on both residential and commercial properties.
  • It will allow the District to levy a tax up to $200 per residential parcel and up to $0.14 per square foot on commercial buildings.
  • The District can set lower rates but cannot go above these maximum rates.
  • Each Year prior to imposing the Special Tax the board must prepare a report detailing revenue collected and expended.
  • A justification for raising or lowering must also be prepared during this time.
  • Upon receipt of the report, the board is required to call a public hearing. At the public hearing the board of directors shall set the rate and make corrections to conform with the rate schedules.
  • Every 4 years the Special Tax will be voted on by the voters. Only a simple majority is needed.

SRA Fee Suspended

  • Residents living in the State Responsibility Area (SRA) have been paying a fee of $117 per habitable structure per year.
  • This fee was suspended by the Governor until 2031.

Additional Fire District Information

  • Mello-Roos Special Assessment Tax
  • SVFPD for Communities Facilities District #1 in 1999 to provide financing for construction of Station 1.
  • The special assessment tax of approximately $40 will sunset in 2029.

  • Funding stays in the community under local control.
  • Neither the County of Sonoma nor State Government can take Measure X money.

Please click for the Measure X Public Information sheet


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